#realtalkdoodles Stories

Here are some of our Real Talk users' cringiest moments. We'd love for you to illustrate one or more of these stories by September 30th!

#178: I woke up with a really huge boner.

I was 10 years old when I was sleeping and I woke up with a really huge boner. But I didn't notice because I was too tired. But then my mom woke up and wanted to go talk to me but when she did, she saw my penis and yelled to put some pants on. I got scared and ran away.

#214: It doesn't matter what race, gender, or sexuality you are.

Okay so I’m a part of the LGBTQ community. So me and my gf were at the mall and we were walking around holdings hands. I felt kinda weird because she’s my first gf. So anyways we were walking and this old man out of no where says ew. I started to freak out inside so i stopped holding her hand. That same day we went to a school dance and a slow song came on and we started dancing. While we were dancing I felt uncomfortable because I thought people were judging me because I was dancing with a girl. The thing is no one knows that I’m bisexual and I feel like people are going to make fun of me because of it. So that night after the dance we went home and she texted me that she had a great time and that after the slow dance she wanted to kiss me. I replied with “I’m glad you had a great time. I’m just not ready for the whole public thing yet.” I felt awful because she wants to be a “public couple” but I’m not ready yet. I just want society to be okay with love. It doesn’t matter what race, gender or sexuality you are.

#223: But this time I said no to sex.

I had been talking to this guy for about 4 months and I never expected for it to go anywhere significant. We message on Snapchat daily and my intentions were to be friends with him not really anything more. Our messages slowly got steamier and I became attracted to him but only in time for him to graduate. I felt a part of me was missing but I didn’t know what this feeling was. One day I was just talking to him and I realized I really f*cking liked him. He came back into town from college that next October to see family and we ended up hooking up during the night. He came back into town again and we met up again and made out for a while but this time I said no to sex. I decided that this time I didn’t want anything more than just kissing and guess what he said??? “Oh that’s totally cool." I was genuinely surprised he took it so cool and I’m so glad he never pressured me! That is definitely how a man should treat someone and I felt so respected.

#220: He said it tasted like ice cream.

One day I went to the Anchor Fest nearby and my mom let me bring my boyfriend. And we were on a ride and it was spinning. So then we had our first kiss. And I puked in his mouth and he said it tasted like ice cream. I had just ate ice cream so that's probably why.

#294: But, there are no gay or bi guys at my school.

So I’m Bi and I want to go on a date with a guy because I’ve never been on a date or out with a guy so might as well kill two birds with one stone. But, there are no gay or bi guys at my school and I’m not asking a straight guy because you know, they’re straight. I would go with a girl but I would much rather go with a guy.

#224: He said he “wanted me” and I couldn’t tell if he meant sexually or not.

Last night my boyfriend wanted to come over (more like sneak over TBH) because he said he “wanted me” and I couldn’t tell if he meant sexually or not. So I asked. He said that I “made him super hard” and that he would be happy to do “whatever I wanted.” He never talks like this and we’ve only been together a month. We’re both virgins and we haven’t really talked about sex very much. I want to give him what what he wants but last night, I just don’t think I was as into it as he was. I told him I was tired and that we should wait and he was super respectful about it. He’s a good boyfriend and you should always be with someone who respects your choices and the pace you want to go at.

#15: I feel like I started way too early!

I've gotten so much acne. I've sprouted out of nowhere! I've been told I look 5+ years older then my age. Don't even get my started on periods; mine are ten times worse then all of my friends because of family genes and they all think that I'm faking it and being over dramatic! But I literally can't move when cramping. I started my period when I was 10 years old. 12 years ago. I feel like I started way too early! I think it's something that just runs through my family but I don't know. I'm mature for my age, mentally older then all of my friends, and very insecure. It's a roller coaster of emotions. It's both tough and easy. In all kinds of ways.

#386: I hate having pubic hair sm!

I hate having pubic hair sm! When I touch my 🍆 the hair rips out. But I love how my 🍆 and 🍒 got bigger