Real Talk users read 7 stories per session

Hello Real Talk community,

We’re proud to say that Real Talk is in all 50 states and the District of Columbia within the U.S. -- and this includes the 26 states without mandated sex ed in schools. Currently, the states with the greatest number of users are California, Texas, and New York (TX and NY don’t mandate sex ed). Plus, Real Talk is in 53 countries across the globe! Since last month, we have again doubled our number of downloads! The average user session lasts 4 minutes and 27 seconds and users view an average of 7 stories per session.

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We’ve been prototyping around our app’s story submission experience to improve it. In order to make it better, we set out to learn why teens choose to submit stories in the first place. We want to understand these underlying motivations so that we can design a story submission process that is both delightful and that aligns with what teens want. In order to learn more from our teen users, we sent a short, two-question follow-up survey to those who had submitted stories the previous week. One question specifically asked teens why they submitted a story and here were some of their responses:

  • “I needed somewhere to vent about the issue I had had that week. Real Talk gave me an anonymous safe and secure environment to do that.”
  • “I felt that real stories from real teenagers can be more effective in helping then articles made by adults who haven’t lived the experience.”

  • “I wanted to help people like me going through the same situation.”

We are excited to create a community where teens feel safe and supported as they tell their stories and help other teens know they’re not alone.

This past month, we were featured in Swaay in an article featuring women-run apps that are changing sex education. We also launched our first social media campaign with partner organizations including Power to Decide (StayTeen), bc4u, Sex, Etc. and to spread awareness about Real Talk. We are very grateful to our partners for sharing their lessons learned about social media marketing these past few weeks and look forward to further experimenting with this moving forward.

Soon, we’ll be looking for new teens (ages 13-15) to join our Teen Advisory Board (TAB). Since we collaborate with our teens remotely, our TAB members can be anywhere in the country. Do you know a teen who would be interested in making Real Talk better and spreading the word about the app? If yes, email Liz at with the subject “Real Talk TAB nomination” and she will send you quick next steps. Thank you in advance!

All the best,

Liz, Vichi, and Cristina

Liz Chen