Double your impact through #GivingTuesday - thank you for your support!

Dear Real Talk supporters,

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our new crowdfunding campaign to raise $30K. We also want to thank those of you who have shared our crowdfunding campaign with others in your own network. We’ve raised more than $15K in just under two weeks — wow!

Now through the end of #GivingTuesday, all gifts to MyHealthEd, Inc. will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10K. This is made possible from generous donors who support our Real Talk app.

Double your impact today.

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There are so many ways to describe the impact Real Talk has made on young people’s lives, but for now we want to share a few key figures:

  • 114,800 stories read

  • 10,400 teens reached

  • 3,700 prototyping data points

  • 95 countries around the world

  • 85 individual donors

  • 70% of teens learned something new

  • 65% of teens report our stories are helpful

  • 3 co-founders

  • 2 years

  • 1 mission

Please consider making a contribution (if you haven’t already) and share our campaign with your networks to increase your impact (so we can increase ours).

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Thank you!


Liz, Vichi & Cristina

Liz Chen