Story Preview and Plans for Beta Release

Hello Real Talk community,

As we get ready to release our beta version of Real Talk in the Apple App Store in September (just in time for our Demo Days as part of the Fast Forward accelerator), we’ve been engaging with teens and others in the sex ed world to figure out how sex ed can be improved, especially in a world where technology is readily available. Recently, we were interviewed by POPSUGAR for a piece on how sex ed in schools is failing kids. Real Talk was featured in addition to other great resources like and Sex, Etc. With federal funding cuts to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP), thousands of teens across the country will likely lose access to comprehensive sex ed through normal channels like schools. Now more than ever, there is a need for Real Talk and other digital resources, to reach teens where they’re at -- on their phones.


Here at MyHealthEd, Inc., we’re committed to elevating the voices of middle school students. We have convened our inaugural Teen Advisory Board for Real Talk with volunteer middle school students who have decision-making power with regards to app design and content. We also collect and curate stories written by real middle school students from around the country. Check out a few of the submitted stories below:

Previous marching season, it was my first season ever marching since I'm a freshman. I made first chair, and this boy that I started out disliking was my rival, since we were both the best. Well, we ended up getting close. We were lowkey a thing, because we'd always hold hands, cuddle, and go everywhere together. He told my sister that he liked me, and that I was one of the only people he'd cry for if I died. I told him how I liked him in December, over Christmas break. He told me that he knows it sucks liking someone and them not liking you back, and then when I told him that I get that he likes someone else he said "How would you know whether I liked you back or not?" I'm not sure if the reaction was healthy or not, but I know it confused me. Even now I still like that boy. We're best friends, and things are still confusing. He gets mad if I call other boys cute and if I walk with other people, and I go over to his house like every other weekend. I just feel clueless, not knowing what we are. -- Male, 13

Well, my period cramps are so severe I have to get medication from the doctor. It makes me break out all along my forehead. i am going through puberty a little later, but for the most part I am on track. Everyone seems so on top of their health and routines and I am DEFINITELY not. The cramps suck because they make me cry but the acne on my forehead makes me extremely self-conscious. I've heard that there are face washes that I'll try to make my skin less oily so imma gonna try that. -- Female, 13

We’ll be working hard in the next month to prepare our beta version of Real Talk for an initial release in September. We look forward to sharing the news when we’re available in the Apple App Store!

Best, Liz, Vichi & Cristina

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