1000+ users and happy holidays, y'all!

Hello Real Talk community,

Thank you to our 52 supporters for celebrating #GivingTuesday with us! After revamping our website and running our short Facebook campaign, we were able to raise $3,126 to assist our efforts to reach 5,000 users by Valentine’s Day 2018 through Instagram marketing efforts. As of this week, Real Talk has been downloaded more than 1000 times -- hooray!

This month, the Innovative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (iTP3) project (the sister program to the Innovation Next accelerator) came to Tarboro, North Carolina to run a design thinking workshop with the Rural Opportunity Institute from December 11-15, 2017. Vichi helped to coordinate this week-long workshop with four community organizations (Project Momentum, Michael’s Angels Girls Club, Northeast Carolina Prep School, and the Boys and Girls Club of the Tar River Region). The teams received a combined $80,000 in additional funding to continue prototyping their innovative program ideas. Check out some of the action shots below.


Now that we have a story submission section in our updated beta, teens are sharing their own stories about puberty, bullying, and relationships. Here is an example story that was submitted via our app:

My best friend at the time and her boyfriend had been arguing for a while and they kept breaking up and getting back together. I knew she didn’t even like him anymore, she was in love with someone else. I comforted the ex and we started dating. I really liked him but she started drama and said I was being a douche by dating him. She constantly puts him down and it’s not really fair for him and it’s not true about half the things she’s saying. She made all of our friends choose sides; me or her. I lost most of my friends and that really sucked. I haven’t yet decided what I want to do. It’s been about a year since it started and I’m not even with that guy anymore but we haven’t talked about it because she thinks she did nothing wrong. She’s yet to try to solve it, and I’m not going to approach her if she thinks she’s in the right. -- Female, 14

This past week, our Real Talk team was featured in Yahoo Lifestyle. In the new year, we will continue working with teens across the country to learn as much as we can from them. Please let us know (by emailing Liz at liz@myhealthed.org) if you have any teens we should include in our pilot testing. Happy holidays, y'all!


Liz, Vichi & Cristina

Liz Chen