"Guys have breast buds too..." and a request for pilot study teens

Heyo Real Talk community,

The past month has passed quickly and we’re excited to share updates from our Fast Forward Demo Days, our workshop at the American School Health Association annual conference, and a few radio highlights.

On September 26th and 27th, we unveiled our beta version of Real Talk to attendees at Fast Forward’s Demo Days in San Francisco and Redwood City. Google.org, thanks for being a new Real Talk supporter! While in the Bay Area, Cristina also demoed our app for abc 7 news and Vichi delivered our three-minute pitch...twice (check out her pitch here).


On September 30th, Real Talk was featured on NPR’s Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! segment, highlighting our use of emojis and how we make parents’ lives easier. Then, on October 2nd, Liz and Vichi recorded a radio interview with YOUR HEALTH ® that aired this past weekend about the release of our beta app.

Later in October, Liz and Cristina traveled to St. Louis, MO to present at the annual American School Health Association (ASHA) conference where we connected with health educators, school nurses, school administrators, health department officials, and nonprofit leaders. Workshop attendees tried Real Talk for themselves and then were asked to complete the following sample activity for teens that they could use in a classroom setting:

Instructions: In the Real Talk app, search for “breast buds” and “bra”. Read the stories that come up and click on the links that take you to additional resources on the topics. When you have completed this, answer the following questions:

  1. A bra size is made up of numbers and letters. What do the numbers stand for? What do the letters stand for?
  2. What causes gynecomastia? How long does it take for pubertal gynecomastia to go away?

Try it out! While we spend the majority of our time collaborating with middle school students, we welcome feedback from adults like you, so email us at founders@myhealthed.org with questions or comments about our beta app.

In the next few weeks, we plan to release an updated version of our beta app that includes improvements (bug fixes, increased speed through pagination) as well as new features (share the app, submit a story). Over the next few months, we will be conducting controlled pilot tests of our beta app with teens through partner organizations and schools. We want to gather feedback quickly from teens so that we can continue to improve our beta ASAP. Do you have a group of teens who you think would be interested in trying out Real Talk as part of our pilot study? Please email Liz at liz@myhealthed.org for more information.

Again, thank you for your continued support and we will be in touch once our update is available through the App Store!


Liz, Vichi & Cristina

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